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The Creature Teachers is a family owned live animal business specializing in environmental and animal education. Our goal is to fascinate our audiences with​.
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It is fun and exciting for all but Lestage also has a more serious purpose: education. She was initially involved with reptiles as a breeder supplying retail pet stores.

Creature Teachers

But as the boom in exotic pets intensified, she recognized a problem. Many people did not know how to care for their unusual pets and since there were few experts available, sick and abandoned reptiles ended up on her doorstep. Her goal was education by entertainment. Her tools were her menagerie of exotic animals, many of which had required rescue. Initially, the venture had a few bookings a month, then a few a week as word spread.

Creature Teachers

Soon Vancouver Island Creature Teachers was thriving, with bookings doubling and tripling year by year. Now is your chance to find out!

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Ice cream! All shows are held at the Music Court, with informal seating on the shaded lawn. Please bring blankets or chairs for your comfort.

Picnics welcome! Plan to arrive a few minutes early to find your spot. Show was originally scheduled for August 12, but was postponed the August 26 due to weather.

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Please prepay by registering online or pay in cash or by check on the day of the event. Please contact Maura mogara thetrustees.

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The Creature Teachers Presents: The Nature of My Backyard Great Hall

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