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The combination of the words, the music and the images is just so spot on it is strangely close to perfection, the only bit of critique going to the TV stations forcing the band to cut the song short in order to have the video shown on TV. It is hard to say if the darkness of the video helped people to portray Wolfsheim as a goth band, which they never really were.

Maybe you can label this song as such, but the band itself has been way too diverse to just tag and categorise. I doubt foreign audiences know how diverse this band really was. Darauf bin ich ganz Stolz! But I like French music too, I adore Indochine. Hope to see them live someday, but their concerts are so often sold out within a few minutes here in Belgium.

But they were very good too. And well, we got Stromae. Oh, and pity Wolfsheim are no more, although I heard that some vague plans to continue the band are existing. I doubt this is true, but it would be great if they could solve their issues and get together again as a band. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Omikron (4): Kein Weg zurück (German Edition) eBook: Hendrik Frerking: Kindle Store

The Paths Less Travelled. Skip to content. Home About. The chorus repeats the line "God is on your side" each time, but again uses highly contradicting language in each repetition of the chorus: "God is on your side, dividing sparrows from the nightingales Watching all the time, dividing water from the burning fire… inside" "God is on your side, dividing presence from our history Watching all the time, dividing deaf men from the listening ones" etc.

Ich warte immer noch" While a very literate translation, the undertone changes completely for those knowing a bit of German history. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Caption 43, Fine sucht eine Wohnung.

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Another adjective you may come across, especially with younger Germans, is geil. But it is a common, albeit slang, term for "awesome" or "fantastic" as well. Caption 10, Abenteuer und Sport Fallschirmspringen - Part 1. Pay attention to adjective declension any time they precede a noun. In a previous Yabla lesson , we discussed the differences between the verbs anheben and aufheben.

These separable verbs also look very similar and have meanings related to the base verb heben , which is usually translated as "to lift," or "to raise," and is the Germanic root of the English verb "to heave. The verb abheben is usually heard in the context of taking out money from a bank machine or bank account:. Then you receive a bank card. With this, you can withdraw money. You have probably exceeded your credit limit.

Captions , Weihnachtsfilm: Ein Sack voll Geld. But abheben is also sometimes heard in the context of an airplane taking off or a rocket launching:. Und dann heben wir schon ab. And then we take off already. Caption 43, Ultraleicht-Flieger: Der Gyrocopter. Completely lifted off , no more gravity.

Caption 17, Helene Fischer: Achterbahn. On the other hand, hochheben is used in quite different contexts:. Wenn jeder den Deckel hochhebt , dann verdampft doch alles. If every person lifts the lid, then everything will evaporate, after all. Friedrich hob die Arme hoch.

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Friedrich raised up his arms. Both meanings of abheben are very common, as abheben is both a transitive verb etwas abheben , which requires an object, usually meaning "to withdraw money and an intransitive verb "to take off," which does not allow for an object. Then there is the transitive verb hochheben , which means "to lift or raise something up. Let's make sure we are all on the same page! If you are taking a German class in addition to your work on Yabla, these are some very important vocabulary words for referring to your textbook, or books and texts in general.

First of all, you need the German word for "the page":.

German Word of the Day – “gar”

Kategorie - Part 4. According to article sixty-three, paragraph two of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany, today I have named parliamentarian Dr. Angela Merkel as Federal Chancellor. Take a look:. Caption 41, German Intro - Cettina. You may recognize this word as it also means "a sign" or "a symbol. Ordinal numbers "first," "second," "third" differ from cardinal numbers "one," "two," "three" in that they establish order or rank.


Forming the ordinal numbers is luckily relatively easy in German. Caption 2, Der Papst - Hier wohnt der Papst. With pawns there is yet another special rule, and that is: if the pawn advances from the seventh to the eighth line,.

Kein Weg zurück - Phil Collins - Bärenbrüder

Captions , Schach - mit Jenny - Part 1. It follows the same patterns that adjectives do. We say, for example: "the first of January" or the " twenty-fourth of December" or "the thirtieth of February," which doesn't exist. For his one hundred ninety-fifth birthday , the philosopher has conquered his birth city of Trier,. In the English language, many people confuse the words "jealous" and "envious. Nee, nee, das war nur mein Kollege. No, no, that was just my colleague.

Reinhold Leinberger, whom I envy very much because of it, was actually permitted to fly with you. Caption 20, Ultraleicht-Flieger: Der Gyrocopter. Caption 20, Ultraleicht-Flieger Der Gyrocopter. The separable verbs anheben and aufheben look very similar and have meanings related to the base verb heben , which is usually translated as "to lift," or "to raise," and is the Germanic root of the English verb "to heave. Captions , Olympische Spiele - Hochsprung. Ah, ja, genau. Oh, yes, exactly. Anheben is used when you want something to be lifted just a little or for a short amount of time, such as asking somebody to lift up the sofa so you can vacuum under it.

Aufheben is usually translated as "to pick up" but can also mean "to save" in the sense of aufbewahren. It is also used in an idiomatic expression that can be useful:. Caption 12, Hausputz - mit Eva. Further Learning In a forthcoming lesson we'll explore the differences between abheben and hochheben , yet more variations of the root verb heben.