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Make sure to set some ground rules before you play so that no one gets hurt. Then pick one person to be the caller; everyone else will be runners. To start the game, have the caller stand in the middle of the yard and close their eyes.

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Everyone else should stand around the perimeter of the yard. When the caller yells stop whenever they want , everyone needs to scramble to get to one of the corners with a particular color. After the caller says stop, they should give runners about 10 seconds before next calling out one of the four corners represented in the colors.

Whoever is standing in the corner that gets called is out of the game. Everyone else is in and should begin moving around again when the caller says go again. Continue playing with portions of the group getting out every time the caller calls out a color.

20 Outdoor Games to Get Your Child into the Sun

If you get down to less than four people still moving around the corners, the players have to all go to different colored corners. The game ends when only one person is left standing in a corner. That person becomes the next caller, and you can play again. Start by buying a set of bocce balls , which includes two colored balls per team and a small white ball. You can get a reasonably priced on one Amazon here or they typically sell them at places like Costco and Target as well during the summer.

Playing bocce ball is easy. Each person or team takes two colored balls. The person who goes first tosses a small white ball anywhere they want in the yard.

36 of the Most Fun Outdoor Games for All Ages

Then the teams takes turns trying to get their colored ball the closest to the white ball, kind of like horseshoes. Whoever gets their ball closest to the white ball wins a point. You can read the full rules in the set you buy or create your own house rules, but we normally play that whoever scored a point last tosses the ball.

Then the person that goes next is the person who has the most points. Each player tosses one colored ball at a time not both so everyone has a fair shot at ending up closest to the white ball. No points if it bounces onto the board. You may have played a bean bag toss or corn hole as some people call it — but have you ever played at night? This night and day bean bag toss set comes with LED lights in both the bags and the target so you can play during the day and then again at night. Not a fan of corn hole?

You can find tons of other light up game options from Tenalach here as well!

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Buy them instead. Very nice blog! All the games you mentioned here are truly awesome. Keep sharing such blogs… I would like to suggest you some more games like Disc golf and ultimate frisbee.


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    Please allow me to introduce our golf inspired yard game; Chip Down. It is fun and entertaining for almost any age group and I thought you might like to review it and consider adding it to your list of outdoor fun games. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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    In Stock. Great idea for young kids. I have purchased it for the classroom and we even adopted this game for the inside use.

    Where to find popular outdoor games this summer

    During our circle time, we choose one card at a time and all the kids think of the items that correspond to the chosen card. Great practice for nouns and adjectives. Add to cart. Okay, we've bought these twice now. They are so much fun, for the kids AND the dads who act like kids. They will not last long though, especially when used rough.

    Comes with patch kit, but we didn't bother with that. If you are hosting any kind of outdoor event with kids, buy this and you will not be disappointed. In stock on November 18, My kids always loved this game and now I am purchasing as a gift for my young nieces and nephews.

    Toys for Children Boys Girls. Good value for the price.

    The rope like rings get flimsy after a while. I ended buying more rings-- plastic ones- at a local store. The travel case is handy. I used this set at a football tailgating event and it was a big hit. Docking 1 star because the rope ring get flimsy.