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John Lennon's most acerbic song on the White Album, Sexy Sadie was a barbed tribute to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and was written during Lennon's final hours in India. Shortly after Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr left India, Lennon's friend Alexis Mardas, also known as Magic Alex.
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General Comment Correct. He knew he couldn't be obvious in his lyrics meant for the Maharishi, so he covered it up and called it "Sexy Sadie. It's been growing on me lately, probably because of this song. General Comment That's how I sing it anyways General Comment This song may be true, but the true story of Maharishi and the beatles are personal Paul and George have made recent trips to visit Maharishi.. Chopra said after some prodding: "The Beatles — along with their entourage, which included Mia Farrow — were doing drugs, taking LSD, at Maharishi's ashram, and he lost his temper with them.

He asked them to leave, and they did in a huff.

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In September , Harrison asked Chopra to set up a meeting with Maharishi, which he did. George wrote a note to Paul, saying, "Guess whom we're going to meet", and signed it 'Jai Gurudev'.

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Then we flew to Vlodrop, in the Netherlands, where Maharishi was staying. As Chopra tells it, Harrison first presented Maharishi a rose. This was followed by a long silence. Then Maharishi asked, "How have you been? Did Maharishi harbour any bitterness towards the Beatles?

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Chopra smiled. Maharishi told us, 'When I heard this, I knew the Beatles were angels on earth.

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It doesn't matter what John said or did, I could never be upset with angels'. On hearing that, George broke down and wept. I have read a great deal of things about The Beatles It has the ring of truth to me. Flag BatmanB on March 11, General Comment yeah its about the maharishi, but i think the way u can interpret this song is like, a fuckin girl that u liked, but was a bitch.

General Comment Yeah, except the Manson killings didn't happen until after the White Album was released, so the song has nothing to do with them. Flag tropicalthought on May 22, General Comment i named my pipe after this song, though it has nothing to do with smoking weed.

The Beatles - Sexy Sadie Sessions (19 and 24 July 1968)

After returning from India John scratched the lyrics into a piece of wood, with the original title "Maharishi". The recorded version changed only after George insisted that if the song was used he wanted the name changed and persuaded John to change the title to Sexy Sadie. George recounts the event in the directors cut, from the anthology film.

Derek Taylor remembered John fiddling about scratching the wood in the Apple offices. The wood ended up in the possession of Maureen Starkey and was ultimately sold to a Beatles collector.

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Songs deemed similar to "Sexy Sadie" include Australian rock group Jet 's " Look What You've Done ", which has similar occasionally identical lyrics and style to the song. The song inspired one of the characters' names in the Beatles-themed film Across the Universe , Sadie, played by Dana Fuchs. The Japanese rock band called " the pillows " used the chorus part of the song as the main tune for the two songs on their single " Another Morning ". Excluding the song "Swanky Street" that was recorded live in London.

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