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This is where an inflatable hot tubs comes in. We reviewed over 50 top products and our inflatable portable spa research showed one thing for certain. Whatever your circumstances, there should be a great option out there for you. Whether you're having a kids' birthday, you have a fitness regime to follow, or you just want to chill, a Jacuzzi is the answer to your prayers.

The Complete Homeowner’s Guide to Pool Remodeling

And then, after it's all over, you can take it down and put it away! When you first begin your search for the best inflatable spa, you immediately realise that there is a substantial jump between the cheaper hot tub models and the high-end options. It may be easy on the old purse strings. And it will do them all without breaking the bank!

With PVC outer walls that are coated with rayon, it is very sturdy and resilient to punctures, and it has been designed and made to fit into tighter spaces and patio areas etc. With its simple installation that should only take you 15 minutes All additional tools are provided, as well as a pump to inflate , this is the correct inflatable hot tub deal for those with limited space , but still offering the same advantages that a larger hot tub can offer.

Stylish black with white trim - source Bestway. One mark or scuff on the front and you will be looking at it like damaged goods for the rest of time. Certainly not in the same light as a white or beige coloured spa. If your group is more than 4 then this affordable inflatable hot tub is a nonstarter. Based on the countless users feedback, this is a seater with the emphasis based more towards 2 adults and a couple of kids than 4 large burly blokes squashing in.

When we call this a cheap inflatable hot tub, we mean this blow up is budget friendly and is purposely placed to make it attractive to the masses. It is in now way cheap from a quality point of view. It arrives with the same outstanding technology installed in all the best Lay Z Spa Hot Tubs and is tested to the highest standards for performance.

In this case they have delivered a true bargain to UK shoppers. There is quite a big price difference when buying inflatable hot-tubs; this is because not all tubs are created equal. There is usually a compromise between size, function and affordability. This heated inflatable spa is mid range in terms of buying, but high end when it comes to size and function.

It gives the convenience of moveability, plus the room to enjoy the pleasures of a great hot tub. You can avail yourself, your loved one, your family and guests of the pleasure and health benefits which come with the latest hot tub features.

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The Monaco is a top of the range, luxury blow up spa pool which can fit up to 8. When inflated, the spa's walls are completely rigid, as you would expect with a permanent tub. The drop stitch design also makes the inflatable walls extremely durable, for use over and over again.

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No matter how many times you inflate and deflate it, it won't leak. It is simple to install, as it comes with a free Setup DVD, maintenance guide, 2 filter cartridges and chemical floater. Once you get the hang of it, the whole thing should take between 10 and 15 minutes. A deep blue 8 seater inflatable - source Bestway. When setup, this heated Jacuzzi really looks like an proper hot tub.

Its deep blue colour is splendid for what it is and what its used for.

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The pump is the same shade, and adds to the functional pool effect. White is just not practical for outside use, and many dark colours look gloomy or scruffy. This integrated pool and pump look classy wherever you put them. The blue colour is dark enough to mask the odd scuff mark which your tub is bound to pick up. Also, soil from your lawn will inevitably end up somewhere on your outer wall. The soft outside is easily maintained and will hide anything but bright, paint marks. For most buyers, and with average use, everyday marks will not be noticeable.

It measures cm x 69 cm 79" x 27" , which looks surprisingly neat for an 8 person spa. Considering it 1, litres gallons , you'd hardly think you had such a big inflatable tub in your garden. The one-colour design of the tub and its pump make the whole thing look like a unit. It's very neat, and doesn't look like the complicated piece of machinery it actually is. All in all, a very attractive piece of machinery. There are big Jacuzzi hot tubs for sale out there for twice as much.

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Although some of these have more capacity, in terms of bang for your buck, this product is excellent value. As well as its splendid looks, this also has all the functionality you could want from a hot tub. Quite simply, there is not much more even the best blow up spa could do, no matter how much money you spent on it. Pretty much the only things it doesn't do are serve you drinks and hand you a towel. Portable spas are quite recent on the scene, and people often don't know what to make of them.

If you're wondering why some are more expensive than others, this is a fine example. While cheaper spas only fit 2 to 4, this product comfortably sits 4 to 6. The Hot Tub also has the latest, state of the art massage therapy, quick set up time and tidy design. It also has the advantage of looking great. The Vegas is a superb way for adults to have fun, as well as having the option of use as a family spa. It is the ultimate in convenience, unlike having a static hot tub, which stays where it is wherever the sun goes.

The Complete Spa Manual for Homeowners: A Step-By-Step Maintenance and Therapy Guide

The walls of the inflatable are also extremely strong and puncture resistant, so you don't have to worry too much about where you put it. After following the installation DVD, you'll be confident to set up in about 10 minutes. For a spa that holds up to six people, you might be surprised how little area it takes up. This was the best selling inflatable for 2 years straight - source Bestway.

As the portable Jacuzzi scene is just catching on, some models for sale look thrown together. Dark and gloomy colours on the outside of the tubs don't exactly encourage you into a lovely, relaxing spa. This inflatable looks like a lot of fun. It's a gleaming, bright white, with big, bold lettering on the side. It makes no apologies for being what it is, and will stand out in any back garden.

Pools, Spas and Saunas - Attractive Additions to Your Home

If you're looking for understated, this isn't the inflatable for you. As a compact hot tub, you might be worried that there won't be enough for largish people to relax with each other. Some of the best portable hot tubs for sale are very cheap to run because they only fit two big old adults comfortably. Squeeze a couple more in and you're struggling.

This is a 4 to 6 seater Jacuzzi, which gives you plenty of area to spread out. Unless there are actually six of you, you'll be able to spread your arms around the side and really let yourself go. As well as looking great and having that welcome leg room, another bonus to this inflatable tub is the price which is always important.

While not the very cheapest you'll find, it's also nowhere near the dearest. Knowing that you've got a deal helps the mood when you step into a spa. Buying an inflatable spa requires making a few decisions. They have all the advantages of permanent tubs, plus some other ones.

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You can choose the size and colour, as well as where you'd like to put it. It's really a case of how much you think you can stretch too, and how wow you want your product to look. As these new inflatable tubs come in a wide variety, you want to make sure you're getting a bargain, as well as a product which you can be proud of. An inflatable spa tub like this is very attractive on all scores.

The Saint Tropez will bring a touch of class to your outdoor space or other area.

It looks extremely stylish, yet is extremely robust, and as solid as a permanent hot tub. It also holds 4 to 6, which makes it useful for medium sized families and socialising with friends. In keeping with its sleek lines, the inflatable is elegance itself when it comes to setting it up.